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      Joseph Parsons

      The global edtech market was valued at $123.40 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow by 13.6% from 2023 to 2030. So it is safe to say that the edtech industry is growing at a high velocity. As the industry grows quickly and navigates sudden shifts and technological disruptions, it is essential for stakeholders to interpret the needs of the learners. In doing so, they can find innovative solutions to bridge educational gaps and improve learning outcomes. The GSV Emeritus India Summit 2023 was one such mega event that bought all the stakeholders of education technology industry together. As the educational leaders discussed sustainable growth to drive better results in the edtech sphere, we were trendspotting. And we curated the following edtech trends 2023 at the summit that will set the path and pace of the learning market this year.
      Before the pandemic, online learning was a mere choice or even a privilege. However, during the pandemic, it became a necessity for students and professionals. As people gradually adapt to the latest technologies, hybrid education will become the next normal. Vivian Wu, Managing Partner, Ventures Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, at the GSV Emeritus India Summit 2023 explained, “Now is the ideal time to bring personalized education with hybrid learning.” She also suggested that integrating technology in education will foster long-term innovation and enhance personalized learning outcomes. This begs the question, is offline education than on its last leg. Abhishek Maheshwari, CEO of Aakash Educational Services, explains this dilemma as he said, “while the difference between offline and online learning is very prominent at the moment, a hybrid model will soon become the norm.” Essentially, both online and offline education, as we know it, will change and converge to attain the best synergies.

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      Gary Low

      If you want to learn about the most notable trends in the EdTech industry in 2023, I suggest checking out https://www.oxagile.com/article/edtech-trends-what-does-the-world-of-edtech-breathe/ . I have noticed that there is an increasing focus on evaluating the effectiveness of each educational technology and solution used. I also learned about a selection of the latest trends in educational technology and the hottest topics from this article.

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