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      I want to buy some good lashes and a new palette. Can’t find any good options in cornerstores. Please recommend some places to buy it online.

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      Vic Vis

      Well. This comes only with experience. Or out of a desire to try something new. And I can surely recommend to you one you’re going to like. Here’s my favorite for eye cosmetics https://romanovamakeup.us/collections/eyes . And you will find more than that there.

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      Gary Low

      Girls tell me please what foundation can cover up a tattoo? I got a tattoo that I don’t like now and I want to cover it up.

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      Jace Gared

      I think a lot of people need better makeup style to be more attractive when we meet them. Besides, once a colleague told me about this resource https://glaminati.com/80s-makeup-trends/ where I found out makeup from the 80s. I think there are some advantages. If you’re interested, try to find out more about one or the other.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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